How to navigate TRA


TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. In 2020, TRA takes place in Helsinki, Finland, bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the newest innovations and future of mobility and transport. The goal is to find solutions for clean and inclusive mobility together.

The overarching theme of the conference is Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility. The conference addresses the theme through four key topics: Clean transport, Data-driven mobility, Intelligent infrastructure and European competitiveness. The themes have been chosen to address some of the most urgent issues of today.

The TRA2020 team wants to provide you with a comprehensive conference visit. For you to fully experience Rethinking transport, we invite you to participate, see, experience and network during your visit at TRA2020 and in Helsinki.


The four key topics are discussed in plenary and strategic sessions. In the plenary sessions, the key topics of the conference will be addressed by high-level speakers. The strategic sessions dig deeper into the key topics.

Scientific and technical sessions offer a broad spectrum of research work and innovation activities related to each key topic. The reviewed papers are presented by authors either as podium or poster presentations.

Invited and special focus sessions include discussion panels, standard sessions, or special types of workshops. The invited sessions add to the strategic agenda and storylines of TRA2020 by providing an arena for discussion.


Poster sessions presented on digital stands illuminate the TRA2020 conference theme and topics, generating new ideas and novel prospects.

In the exhibition area, companies and projects will present their latest innovations and technologies, which also reflect the themes of the conference.


Demonstrations in the interactive area showcase cutting-edge technology innovations. This is a unique opportunity to test and experience the latest mobility solutions in practice. Take a ride on a state-of-the-art electric scooter or see how invisible smart infrastructure solutions work.

Technical tours are unique site visits offering you the opportunity to see how research is put into practice in Helsinki region, closing the gap between research and implementation.


Social events of TRA2020 include a research and innovation tour to Tallinn, a welcome reception in the Helsinki City Hall as well as 1st of May celebrations, allowing for networking and a great time.

The Tavata networking tool, available for all conference attendees, enables meeting and connecting with people that have coinciding business interests. Just browse through attendees and choose who to meet in the networking area.

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