Previous TRAs

The Transport Research Arena (TRA), initiated in 2006, is organised every two years in a European city. The TRA is supported by the European Commission and the European Technology Platforms which include

  • ACARE (Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe),
  • ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration),
  • CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads),
  • ECTP (The European Construction Technology Platform),
  • ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council),
  • ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council),
  • ETRA (The European Tyre Recycling Association) and
  • WATERBORNE (European research and innovation platform for waterborne industries).

The TRA 2020 is the eighth Transport Research Arena conference. The previous TRAs have taken place in different parts of Europe in the following cities:

Map of previous TRA event locationsHelsinki, Finland in 2020
Vienna, Austria in 2018
Warsaw, Poland in 2016
Paris, France in 2014
Athens, Greece in 2012
Brussels, Belgium in 2010
Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden in 2006

Highlights of TRA2018

TRA2018 took place in Vienna, Austria. With more than 3,600 unique participants, TRA 2018 was the best-visited TRA of all time. Experts from 65 Countries and all continents of the world participated in the conference!

Visit the TRA2018 website

Highlights of TRA2016

TRA2016 took place in Warsaw, Poland.