Bike to school and explore smart mobility in the TRA2020 technical tours

Children with bikes

In addition to all the activities at the conference venue, TRA2020 offers a diverse selection of technical tours taking place in the regions of Helsinki and Turku. Lasting approximately two hours, the tours are conducted in English and free of charge for delegates. The number of seats per tour is limited.

In this second part of the technical tour preview, we cover urban and smart mobility. In the last newsletter, we looked at maritime and logistics operators. (You can read the first part on the TRA2020 website.)

Urban ways of getting around

Ever wondered how metro systems are developed? During the West Metro tour, attendees will get a glimpse of a special construction project: the metro in the Helsinki metropolitan area is being extended to the west in two phases.

Länsimetro Oy, the company responsible for building, owning, maintaining and developing the West Metro, will demonstrate how a project of this magnitude can be managed. In addition to the Länsimetro office and Big Room, we will visit the Matinkylä bus terminal which was built during the project’s first phase. The terminal was opened in January 2018, integrated in a shopping mall that in turn has a bus terminal with up to 810 departures on a regular weekday.

Around 60% of students commute to school by cycling or walking in Finland. Schools on the Move is a nationwide programme that promotes active school environment during the whole school day. On our related tour, you will get an introduction to the promotion of active travel to school, biking infrastructure and bike-related activities and services in the district. During the tour, the participants take a five-kilometre city bike ride to visit nearby schools. This tour is organised in collaboration with Schools on the Move programme, City of Helsinki and Helsinki Region Transport.

Smart mobility solutions and innovation ecosystems

Keen on smart mobility? Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab is an innovation and co-creation platform for smart mobility solutions focusing on the physical framework for innovation acceleration and the co-creative collaboration with local residents and stakeholders. Visiting Jätkäsaari and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab will provide you an exclusive insight into the Helsinki Smart Mobility success story. The tour will pinpoint the lessons learned, showcase the latest developments in the district and give you a hands-on approach on what makes Helsinki the ‘world’s most functional city’, as the city strategy states it.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will take you on a tour that is all about Smart Energy for Smart Mobility. The tour will showcase VTT’s unique expertise and extensive research facilities for emission analysis, battery and energy research, vehicle systems technologies, and in the bigger picture, smart energy solutions. The tour includes short introductions of VTT’s activities on Smart Otaniemi innovation ecosystem for making energy future-smart, vehicle systems, advanced vehicles, battery technologies and fuel cells.

Want to participate in the technical tours? Check out the schedules, then read the registration instructions before booking your place via the conference registration system.