Call for Invited sessions opens


TRA2020 invites you to propose a free-format session linked to one of the main conference themes

TRA2020 will focus on four main themes: new innovative mobility solutions, mobility and the changing climate, physical and digital infrastructures, and ensuring European competitiveness. During the conference, these themes will be examined in-depth via strategic sessions. TRA2020 organisers will host three sessions per each theme.

In addition to these, we invite our guests to propose sessions of their own. Do you have a specific area of interest linked to one of our main themes, and would like to host an open session of 1,5 hours?

Invited Sessions can be proposed by any interested party and can be freely formatted, for example as discussion panels, standard sessions, or special types of workshops. Invited Sessions have an important role in adding to the strategic agenda and storylines of TRA2020. The sessions will have a high visibility in the TRA2020 programme. Read more and apply:

Standard TRA2020 registration and fee policies apply. The Invited Sessions will appear in the Conference Programme and will have a high visibility through the TRA2020 media channels. Each session will be organized in a standard conference room facilitating more than 100 persons.