Call for invited sessions

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Transport Research Arena 2020 will facilitate a limited number of Invited Sessions. Invited Sessions can be proposed by any interested party and they can be freely formatted for example as discussion panels, standard sessions, or special types of workshops. The duration of Invited Sessions is 1,5 hours. Invited Sessions have an important role to adding to the strategic agenda and storylines of TRA2020. The sessions will have a high visibility in the TRA2020 programme. The selection of sessions will be done by the TRA2020 Programme Committee. The selection criteria comprises:

  1. relevance to the conference themes and storylines, especially highlight the rethinking idea
  2. expected outcomes / conclusions from the proposed session
  3. confirmed speakers and moderators, preferably covering a wide spectrum of expertise and representativeness and having a balanced set of speakers
  4. modal coverage and overall diversity in terms of geography, technology and socio-economics
  5. the ‘freshness’ of the topic and potential to generate new ideas, novel prospects and inclusive engagement of stakeholder
  6. the pan-European and/or global relevance.

Standard TRA2020 registration and fee policies apply. Each session will be organized in a standard conference room facilitating more than 100 persons. A time slot of 1,5 hours will be allocated for each session. The session organisers are expected to give specific and detailed instructions if any special arrangements are requested. Special requests may result in additional costs.

How to submit your invited sessions proposal

Please download the Call for Invited Sessions for full information and details about the process, and fill in the Call for Invited Sessions form

Invited Session first contact points

For general guidelines and policy:

Mrs. Päivi Aaltonen, paivi.aaltonen(at)

For practical arrangements:

Mrs. Päivi Tähtinen, paivi.tahtinen(at)