Slide Conference Sessions


For four days, the Transport Research Arena 2022 will organise different types of sessions dedicated to specific themes such as Smart Solutions and Society, Green Mobility and Decarbonisation, Innovative Infrastructure for Europe 2030 and Policies and Economic for a Competitive Europe.

The sessions will range from Plenary Sessions to set up the theme of the day, which will be dedicated to key political topics addressed by invited high-level speakers, Strategic Sessions to address the main themes of the conference, Scientific & Technical Sessions with the ambition to highlight EU supported projects results and Invited Sessions dedicated to specific themes open to outside stakeholders


Addressing some of the cutting-edge issues related to the main topics of the Conference, the Plenary Sessions will have high-level speakers from industry, public authorities and academia. They will also include the opening and closing sessions, during which the TRAVISIONS award ceremonies will take place.


More information on the plenary sessions will be available soon.


With three sessions per day, these sessions will focus on major innovation fields and convey policy messages and critical industrial issues linked to the specific theme of each day, the Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility, and the EU R&I Policy.


The sessions aim to foster the know-how exchange among industry representatives, researchers and policymakers by addressing the major challenges for transport innovation.


Related to the Conference themes, in these sessions experts will present their research work and/or application in the transport sector, either through an oral presentation or as posters. The presentations will be selected based on the abstract/papers reviewing process.


Proposed and organised by the transport community, they will be based on the outcomes of an “open call” which will be launched soon.


The Invited and Special sessions will seek to discuss topics that the Conference Programme does not cover.


Planned to take place in the exhibition area, side events will be organised by exhibitors in parallel with conference sessions.