For Helsinki Region Transport TRA2020 provides a unique opportunity to hear about the newest R&D achievements and meet other professionals

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HSL or Helsinki Region Transport is a joint municipal authority that plans and organises public transport and improves its operating conditions in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

What makes TRA2020 interesting from HSL’s point of view?
TRA2020 is one of the most significant events in the field. TRA2020 provides a unique opportunity to hear about the newest R&D achievements and meet other professionals. Our experts will be presenting topics in which HSL ranks among the world leaders.

One of the priority topics of TRA2020 is “Clean transport”. How does clean and sustainable transport show in your activities?
HSL promotes sustainable transport continuously according to its strategy. When HSL conducts tendering of transport services, we set strict emission requirements for the equipment. In addition, the environmental bonus system encourages the operators to cut emissions even further. HSL has been developing electric buses through pilots, and the first electric buses procured through competitive tendering will start operating in autumn 2019. Reduction of transport emissions is a central theme in the regional cooperation in land use, housing and transportation, where HSL is responsible for transport system planning.

What kind of role does R&D have in HSL?
Development activities are a crucial part of HSL’s services. For many years already, HSL has provided vast amounts of open data for anyone’s use. We also have an open retail interface for mobile tickets and another interface enabling customers to act on behalf of someone else when purchasing tickets. In addition, the HSL application including the Reittiopas route planner and ticket shop has been a great success, making the use of public transport remarkably easier. HSL has developed and piloted transport services on a demand responsive basis and with currently ongoing IdeaLab pilots.

Research plays an important role in HSL’s activities. We value research data and actively develop our own research methods. HSL has also been internationally acknowledged for its research activities. HSL is responsible for the transport system research in the Helsinki region and studies the public transport in the area in various ways.

We have developed our research methods determinedly through automating and digitalising processes. For example, out Travel Survey has been restructured by means of service design and can now be used on mobile devices as well. All in all, the quality of our research data has improved, costs have decreased and the role of research in operation control has been emphasised. A good example is the quality control system of public transport equipment (Jola) that has decreased the number of malfunctions detected in buses by 80 % in three years.

HSL is currently developing a digital research platform where one can conduct research in real time with the help of the HSL application, background technology and a research panel of 500 000 thousand passengers. This will create a digital dialogue between the passengers and HSL. The platform is the first in the world of its kind.

Greetings to conference attendees: From HSL’s point of view, what makes Helsinki unique and worth experiencing?
Helsinki is a safe, smooth and healthy capital city that offers multiple opportunities to everyone visiting. The public transport in the Helsinki area is internationally top-notch and will be at your service during the conference. Welcome to HSL’s stand to hear more and meet our experts!

HSL is responsible for the preparation of the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan (HLJ) and for public transport marketing and passenger information. Some 370 million journeys are made on HSL’s transport services annually. HSL has 373 employees. For more information, visit