Interactive demos showcase the newest in the field

People in exhibition area

In the TRA2020 interactive area, companies and projects will present their latest innovations and technologies, at the same time reflecting the themes of the conference.

Several demonstrations will shed light on new prospects of digitalisation, digital safety and cybersecurity. Vastuu Group will demonstrate a human-centric approach to personal data management which will empower individuals with their own personal data. Prodevelop presents the PIXEL project in a demo showing how IoT interoperability can feed mathematical and AI-based models to improve terminal operations towards a lower environmental impact.

Alternative power sources will also be presented. ElectReon will demonstrate inductive technology to wirelessly transfer energy to a receiver mounted on electric vehicles. The Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking invites all participants for a test drive on a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

Mobility Launchpad will demonstrate Helsinki region smart mobility startups and SMEs, bringing forward a platform for finding and providing boat rides, electronic vehicle charging solutions for real estates and a smart mobility operator, among others.

The NordicWay2 pilot project demonstrates cross-border and cross-brand interoperability of Co-operative ITS services. The NordicWay2 indoor demonstration presents Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) message exchange in a visualized interactive map. During the outdoor demonstration, service providers exchange SRTI messages and present them using a Vehicle On-Board User Interface.

To learn more about these and other demos, visit the TRA2020 website.
If you are interested in presenting your organisation’s innovations in the TRA2020 interactive area, please contact:

Mr. Ville Kilpiö
ville.kilpio (at)