Thank you for submitting your presentation for the upcoming TRA2024, Dublin, Ireland. We have been working to bring together the conference programme and appreciate your contribution. You are asked to follow the guidelines below when producing your oral presentation at TRA2024.

Conference Programme

The Conference programme is available on the website; you can click here to view the programme. Please make sure that you know where and when you are scheduled to present.

If you have any queries/conflicts, in relation to the programme, please contact immediately.


Presentation Format

Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB Stick/Flash Drive. Your presentation should be in 16:9 ratio format in the standard office set up (MS Office). It will not be possible for you to use your own laptop. We ask that you use the following naming convention when saving the file:

Time_Room_Speaker Name.pptx (e.g. 1130_Hall1_Lisa Smith.pptx)

If you have a video embedded in your presentation, please bring this with you as a separate file (MP4 file), to enable testing and troubleshooting onsite.

We will also open a facility to upload your presentation online from Wednesday 10th April 10am to Sunday 14th April 9am. This link will be shared by email on the 9th April.

Speaker Preview Room 

The speaker preview room is the Lansdowne Room (access will be via the balcony of Hall 1 (Exhibition area). If you have uploaded your presentation in advance of the conference, you will be able to check it in this room. If you have not used the upload option, then please bring your presentation on a USB Stick/Flash Drive to the technician who will be in the speaker preview room, who will upload it for you. Please note that you cannot present directly from a USB or your own laptop in the session room. It must be uploaded well in advance of your scheduled presentation. 

If you are bringing your presentation via flash drive, then please do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and no later than 2 hours before your presentation. The technician will be available during the following times:

15:00 – 18:00 Sunday (in the Concert Hall)

08:00 – 18:00 Monday – Thursday (in the Lansdowne Room)

Audio Visual Equipment

Each room contains the following equipment:

    • Screen
    • Projector
    • Wi-Fi

We regret that we are unable to offer teleconference facilities.

Room Layout 

All rooms will have theatre style seating. Due to the anticipated delegate numbers, we are unable to offer alternative room formats. 

Time Keeping 

Oral presentation slots are 15 minutes per paper (including time for changing presenters). The general rule is to use 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions and discussion at the end of each presentation.

Flash presentation slots are allocated 2 minutes per paper and we ask that you keep your slides to a maximum of 3.

Please ensure that you are punctual for your presentation time slot. The Conference programme is extensive, so keeping to schedule essential. There will be technicians on site at all times to assist with any technical difficulties or to help as necessary.

Poster Displays

An A0 Portrait display board with a display area of 0.84m x 1.19m will be provided for your poster display. Please refer to the diagram to the left; please note that if you print your poster in landscape format it will not fit on the allotted board.

You must bring your poster with you to the Conference. It is recommended that Posters are printed on paper, but this is not a requirement. Fabric tends to not adhere to the poster boards as well as paper. However, once they are secured in place, fabric posters are acceptable. All boards will have a poster number. There is NO option for digital poster presentation.

The poster boards are made of soft cloth material and Velcro will be used to attach the poster to the board. Velcro will be supplied on site.

Poster Printing Service

Should you not wish to travel with your poster, you can order a printed poster through our suppliers via this link. The cost for this service is €45 +VAT per poster and they will be delivered directly to the venue. This service is provided by a supplier in Dublin, which is why you will be charged in Euros.

If you order your poster through our supplier, you will be able to collect your poster from our designated poster helpdesk in Simmonscourt.

Please Note: The deadline to order your poster through this service is March 31st

Poster Format  

Posters should be clear and easy to read. The font size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 metres away. (Minimum of 18pt font size for text and larger for titles). Do not reduce the text size in order to fit more information onto one poster.

    • Although your poster can expand on the information provided in your abstract, try to avoid overload – too much information or a cluttered appearance detracts from the overall impact. Less is more!  
    • The simple use of colour can enhance a poster but avoid the temptation towards using too many colours that distract from the content.  
    • Consider the use of suitable photographs, images, tables, charts and graphs. Keep logos discrete and to a minimum.
    • The poster background should be plain to ensure legibility.  
    • Before sending to print do not forget to proof-read the poster yourself, and ask someone else to do the same, checking also for clarity.  
    • A poster template has also been provided. It is not mandatory to use this template – it is intended to support presenters in their preparations.

Poster Installation

Access to the poster boards will be available from:
Monday April 15th at 08:00 

Please ensure that your poster is in position by the morning coffee break on the day of your presentation. You have been assigned a poster number which has been included in an attachment with this email. Each poster board will be numbered. Please mount your poster on the assigned poster board. 

Please note the dates of displaying your poster below:
Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April: Posters 1 – 199
Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April: Posters 200 – 399

Poster Viewing

Posters will rotate every two days, i.e. there will be a complete change of posters on the Tuesday evening. Each poster has been assigned a session to present their work; all presenters are asked to stand beside their poster at these times to engage with the conference delegates about your poster content.

Poster Removal

Please remove your poster from the board by 19:00 the day it is scheduled to be removed. 

Should the poster not be removed by this time then, the Conference Organiser will take them down and unfortunately no responsibility can be taken for their safe return. After the Conference they will be removed and recycled.

General Information

A general information email for all delegates will be issued one week prior to the Conference. It will contain practical travel information and tips to help you to make the most out of your visit to Dublin.

If you have any queries, please contact

We thank you for your contribution to the Conference and we look forward to seeing you in Dublin.

Guidelines can be downloaded here: