Side events

The side events of TRA2020 are organised by stakeholders of the European transport community. The application period for side events has closed. If you have any questions concerning side event applications, please contact

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Enjoy the EUCAD Symposium with your TRA2020 ticket!

The EUCAD Symposium 2020 addressing research and innovation in connected and automated driving takes place at the TRA2020 conference. Please note that the symposium is only open to registered TRA participants.

Transport Research Finland 2020

Date and time: Tuesday 28 April 2020, 8.00–17.00
Organiser: Väylä, Suomen Tieyhdistys, Suomen Rakennusinsinöörien Liitto RIL ry

Transport Research Finland 2020 will bring together the leading Finnish researchers in the fields of transport infrastructure and transportation. In one day, the leading research results are presented to the sector stakeholders, including funding agencies as well as decision- and policy-makers.

Visit the Transport Research Finland 2020 website

Towards the Future of Transport R&I:
Funding Opportunities, Policies and Actors

Date and time: Tuesday 28 April 2020, 9.00–10.30
Organiser: ETNA2020, C-Energy + – Access2EIC

The Horizon 2020 ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’ National Contact Points (NCPs), jointly with the European Innovation Council and ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy’ NCPs, invite you to attend the information and networking morning event during TRA2020 to discover the remaining funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 and the new transport R&I trends of Horizon Europe.

The event is addressed to all types of organisations, businesses, research institutes, universities, public authorities and European institutions, in particular those established in countries with minimal experience in Horizon 2020. SMEs are particularly welcome.

Sailing to the future with Ellen, the 100% electrically powered ferry

Date and time: Tuesday 28 April 2020, 10.00–17.00
Organiser: The E-Ferry Project Consortium, the Municipality of Ærø and the Hellenic Institute of Transport

The E-Ferry Project, funded by the EU under the H2020 Programme, is celebrating its completion with a wide conference aiming to present the outstanding achievements and the newly developed 100% electrically powered ferry Ellen.

During this one-day event, participants will have the opportunity to

  • learn all about challenges met and lessons learned while building the first all-electric ferry
  • increase understanding on electric vehicles’ impact on the environment and learn about the EU’s priorities on the issue
  • participate in a panel discussion aiming to enhance further penetration of electric ferries in the market.

The conference aims to attract authorities and policy-makers, technology provides dealing with vessel design, materials’ providers, battery providers, research and academia, ferry operators and ship owners, relevant regulatory or standardisation bodies, and relevant networks dealing with electric marine technology, ferry and short sea shipping transportation, etc.

Visit the E-Ferry Project website

Smart logistics towards zero emissions

Date and time: Wednesday 29 April 2020, 15.00–17.00
Organiser: Rocla Solutions, Limowa and Kouvola Innovation

Data and IT technologies are a key enabler in achieving sustainable logistics, in offering efficient logistics for the circular economy, and finally in enabling supply chain disruption towards a greener world. What kind of models have the Finnish forerunner logistics companies and cities implemented in last mile, warehousing and transportation? How can IoT, AI and blockchain be utilised for sustainability purposes in the supply chain? What are the impacts to the environment and society?

Come to hear cases from Finnish companies and cities, for example:

  • Vaisala: Using artificial intelligence to observe road condition and improve safety
  • Rocla Solutions: How can IoT info boost sustainability in intralogistics?
  • Kouvola Innovation: Distributed data management in supply chains

Invitation-only side events

Trilateral ART EU-US-Japan Working Group
Date and time: Sunday 26 April, 10.00–17.00
Organiser: ERTICO

Working groups joint meeting
Date and time: Tuesday 28 April, 9.30-17.00
Organiser: SEA Europe

Mid-Year Meeting of TRB Standing Committee
Date and time: Tuesday 28 April
Organiser: EC DG Move TRB

General Assembly Meeting
Date and time: Wednesday 29 April, 8.30–12.00
Organiser: EGVIA

ECTRI Assembly of Members
Date and time: Wednesday 29 April, 13.00–17.00
Organiser: ECTRI

Scientific Committee Meeting
Date and time: Wednesday 29 April, 14.30–18.30
Organiser: Shift2Rail

Directors Committee Meeting
Date and time: Thursday 30 April, 9.00–13.30
Organiser: SEA Europe

ETRR Editorial Board Meeting
Date and time: Thursday 30 April, 13.00–18.00
Organiser: ECTRI