TRA conference dinner and networking event

TRA dinner event banner

Date and time: CANCELLED
Location: Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten rantatie
Ticket price: EUR 140 (excl. VAT 24%) per person, includes a buffet dinner, beverages and entertainment

The theme of the TRA conference dinner and networking event is the 1st of May, called “Vappu” in Finnish. Vappu is a cheerful festivity filled with laughter and joy, bringing people together to celebrate. The TRA VISIONS 2020 Senior Researcher Competition award ceremony will take place at the TRA conference dinner and networking event.

Join us and experience the unique carnival atmosphere!


The availability of social events is subject to change without any notice. Participants must register for all events in advance upon conference registration.

Please note that the social events have limited capacity and registration for the social events works on a first come, first served basis. Once a social event is fully booked, the name of the event will appear crossed out. The social events do not have waiting lists.