TRA2020 pre-event in Tallinn

Tallinn city view

Date and time: CANCELLED
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Innovation and entrepreneurship, tour of a Tallinn bypass and maritime culture

TRA2020 and the Estonian Road Administration offer the conference attendees a chance to participate in a unique pre-event in the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We asked Signe Sula, the Head of International Co-Operation from the the Estonian Road Administration, a few questions about the event.

Who should participate and what should they expect from the pre-event?

The pre-event in Tallinn on 26 April 2020 will provide researchers, policy makers, industry and public administration a chance to get new ideas on how research and innovation can be involved into the transport and mobility system.

Participants of this pre-event will get to hear about Estonian’s newest cean, futuristic transport technology in development and everyday life. Co-operation between public and private sector, which is required for implementing innovative technologies, will also be discussed.

In the event, leading Estonian innovative firms and startups will introduce themselves and showcase their newest products or services. The event offers all participants a great opportunity to network and share best practices.

What kind of places will be visited during the event?

The pre-event will start on a Tallink ship which brings the participants to Tallinn. Director General and other members of the Board of the Estonian Road Administration will be there to greet the guests.

The first of the three site visits in Tallinn is Mektory, an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, where the following Estonian companies will present their activities:

  • Cleveron – the innovation leader in retail click and collect pickup automation.
  • Skeleton Technologies – Europe’s leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors.
  • Datel – space-based infrastructure deformation monitoring.
  • Reach-U – world-leading solutions for industries like telco, security, smart cities and tourism to use and valuate location data.

After this, the participants will get to enjoy a bus tour to the 2+2 section of the Tallinn bypass between the urban areas of Luige and Saku. This TEN-T highway section also includes the first Rail Baltic project viaduct called Saustinõmme. Video presentations of new roads and rail corridors are also included in the tour. The TEN-T project has recently mentioned Rail Baltic as an EU priority. In the future, the route will be extended from Tallinn towards North. See Rail Baltic and its extention map

The third site visit will be at Seaplane Harbour – the Estonian Maritime Museum. The museum is an institution for collecting, preserving, studying and presenting Estonian maritime culture and history.

Why is co-operation between Tallinn and Helsinki important?

International co-operation is important for the Estonian Road Administration. From our point of view, working together with the neighbouring countries serves the common interest to develop new innovative solutions for transport and mobility in Europe and worldwide. The Estonian Road Administration aims at being a forerunner in the development of smart mobility and transport solutions in Estonia. Through meaningful international co-operation we can introduce currently available new transport and mobility opportunities and innovations to Europe.

When it comes to the co-operation between Tallinn and Helsinki, two small Northern countries can make a greater contribution together and be much more visible in the field of innovation and new technologies. In addition, the co-opearation between the two cities has a long history. The steam ferry connection started back in 1837, and the airplane connection followed in 1923. Cultural connections between the Finno-Ugrian language group nations started much longer time ago. History matters.

How to enrol for the pre-event

The pre-event will take place on Sunday 26 April 2020. You can enrol for the pre-event when registering for the TRA2020 conference. Only those purchasing a conference pass are entitled to enrol for the pre-event. Participation is free of charge. Please note that only a limited number of participants (150)  can be accepted. More info on the pre-event will be published at the conference website prior to the registration.


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