Strategic sessions

The strategic sessions at TRA2020 will dig deep into the themes of the plenaries and offer strategic insights into major scientific, policy and industrial challenges and opportunities of the transport system.

    Electric vehicle charging

    Monday 27 April 2020

    Strategic session 1
    Climate change mitigation – what can transport do?

    Strategic session 2
    Cities’ and citizens’ action in reducing environmental impacts of transport

    Strategic session 3
    Adapting to climate change – how to achieve a resilient transport system

    Lady with mobile phone

    Tuesday 28 April 2020

    Strategic session 4
    Going beyond algorithms

    Strategic session 5
    Rethinking the role of users

    Strategic session 6
    Taking transport safety to a new level: societal challenges, research solutions – the way forward

    Intelligent infra

    Wednesday 29 April 2020

    Strategic session 7
    Delivering quality transport infrastructure for the future

    Strategic session 8
    Infrastructure for co-operative, connected and automated mobility

    Strategic session 9
    Powering future transport networks

    City view

    Thursday 30 April 2020

    Strategic session 10
    The road to a new urban mobility era – new governance models to enhance the deployment of policy-responsive innovative mobility solutions in cities

    Strategic session 11
    Industrialising innovation

    Strategic session 12
    Socio-economic impact of automation in transport