West metro – How to manage a mega project and to build one of the safest metro systems in the world

Date and time: CANCELLED
Transportation: Chartered bus from Messukeskus
Capacity: 25 participants
Tour organiser: Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and Länsimetro Oy
Visit includes:

  • Two west metro stations
  • Adjacent bus terminal
  • Construction project’s ‘Big Room’ concept
Metro station
Photo: Indav, Timo Kauppila

The metro line in the Helsinki metropolitan area is extended to the west in two phases. The first phase, from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä, with eight new stations was completed in 2017, and five more will be included in the second phase. The metro will operate on a rail line of 21 kilometres in two parallel tunnels. In addition to stations, a total of 23 shafts will be built for pressure equalisation, ventilation and smoke extraction. The shafts will also be used as emergency exits.

The West Metro is one of the safest metro systems in the world. In an emergency, passengers can exit the tunnel and enter the neighbouring tunnel. The distance between connection tunnels is about 150–170 metres, and exit shafts are located every 600 metres. There is a pedestrian walkway in the tunnel, which is also equipped with signal and safety lights. In addition to signposts every 25 metres, the metro has a video surveillance system, and the trains have a public-address system for emergencies. All the critical functions in the metro are designed as fail-safe.

How the building of a project of this magnitude can be managed will be shown to you by Länsimetro Oy. One of the project management tools in the 2nd phase of the West Metro is Big Room, a war room concept that continuously generates real-time information on the project schedule and costs. Another aim is to streamline communications between all parties to the project.

The progress of the seven sub-projects – five metro stations, the depot and the line itself – are tracked throughout the construction cycle. As well as the project schedule, the costs, risks, quality, smoothness of cooperation and occupational safety are monitored from the Big Room, using a ‘traffic light’ system.

In addition to Länsimetro office and Big Room, we will visit Matinkylä bus terminal that was built during the project’s first phase. The terminal was opened in January 2018, integrated in a shopping mall, with up to 810 departures on a regular weekday.


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