7.30-8.00 PREPARATION TIME in the exhibition area
8.00-19.00 REGISTRATION at the Southern entrances
8.00-19.00 EXHIBITION AREA opening hours
8.00-19.00 POSTER AREA opening hours
8.30-10.00 Scientific and technical sessions, invited sessions and special focus sessions

> Scientific and technical session 16: Acceptance of automated transport

> Scientific and technical session 24: Thought – tried – tested – taken to use; Test sites, labs and pilots

> Scientific and technical session 25: Electric – roads and Infrastructure

> Scientific and technical session 32: Infrastructures for the era of automation

> Scientific and technical session 38: Waterborne – pushing technology forward

> Scientific and technical session 28: Pedestrian safety

> Invited session 21: Ecosystem Vehicle-Infrastructure for CCAM

> Special focus session 22: BuildourAVfuture: How is automated driving impacting our road authorities and our future?

> Special focus session 23: Towards healthy mobility – Transdisciplinary contribution to health, climate and business targets

> Invited session 24: Preparing for the Future of Ports: EU funded enabling tools and technologies

> Special focus session 25 : Test areas and living labs accelerating innovations and increasing research impacts

10.00-10.30 > Poster presentations / COFFEE BREAK
10.30-11.30 > Plenary session 3: Infrastructure as an asset – are we there yet?
11.30-13.00 LUNCH BREAK
13.00-14.30 > Strategic session 7: Delivering quality transport infrastructure for the future

> Strategic session 8: Infrastructure for co-operative, connected and automated mobility

> Strategic session 9: Powering future transport networks

14.30-15.00 COFFEE BREAK
15.00-16.30 Scientific and technical sessions, invited sessions and special focus sessions

> Scientific and technical session 29: Tomorrows Europeans railways

> Scientific and technical session 31: Insights into system resilience

> Scientific and technical session 34: Novel views on risk and safety management

> Scientific and technical session 35: Innovations in logistics and freight

> Scientific and technical session 36: Railways safety and reliability visions

> Scientific and technical session 37: Best practices for infrastructure safety and reliability

> Invited session 26: Catenary electrified trucking: Autobahn trials and outlook for large-scale deployment

> Invited session 27: Current and Future Challenges in Rural Road Asset Management

> Invited session 28: Rethinking Infrastructure due to tourism

> Special focus session 29: Rethinking the city through the transport system – towards a resilient, energy efficient and sustainable urban environment

> Special focus session 37: From research results to deployment: some transport success stories and ways forward

16.30-17.00 > Poster presentations / COFFEE BREAK
17.00-18.30 Scientific and technical sessions, invited sessions and special focus sessions

> Scientific and technical session 30: New technologies for railways

> Scientific and technical session 26: Electric and hybrid busses

> Scientific and technical session 27: Catering non-motorised transport

> Scientific and technical session 39: Exploring shipping and maritime operations

> Scientific and technical session 41: Research in pavement and material engineering

> Scientific and technical session 42: Maintenance and asset management

> Invited session 31: Fast charging of EVs: which requirements for a successful roll-out?

> Special focus session 32: Hydrogen-powered future for shipping and ports environment

> Invited session 33: Rethinking logistics – best practices for policymakers

> Invited session 34: Integrated approaches for infrastructure and spatial development in corridors and urban regions

> Invited session 35: Air transport safety: the role of structural health monitoring and nondestructive testing

18.30-19.00 Poster presentations
19.00 End of programme at Messukeskus

Technical tours

Registration for the tours is available in the confererence registration system.