Santa’s Greeting from the Finnish North Pole – one TRA2020 free ticket is waiting for its owner!


Christmas is almost here and our Finnish TRA2020 team had the privilege of meeting Santa Claus at his home in Finland’s Korvatunturi. Despite being the busiest time of the year with Christmas just around the corner, Santa had the time to give us a little tour around his workshop. It was no surprise to find it filled with Christmas spirit and the smell of gingerbread as the elves busied themselves wrapping and packing Christmas gifts.

Considering that Santa Claus is probably travelling more than anyone else in the world at this time of year, we had to ask him about his views on transportation and mobility. “I’m very fortunate to have my reindeers, so I can travel fast yet ecologically friendly, even far away. I know that not everyone has the same possibility, but that does not mean that there is not a chance for everyone to make a difference. My Christmas wish this year is that everyone would think about their ecological footprint and travel more nature friendly.”

To spread the joy of Christmas, Santa Claus wants to surprise all of the TRA2020 fans with a little Christmas gift. “Little elves have told me that a lot of planning for TRA2020 has already been done! So sign up and subscribe to the TRA newsletter before the 15th of January and get a chance to win a ticket for the TRA2020 Conference in Helsinki in April 2020.*”

  • Competition guidelines: The winner will be contacted in person via email by Traficom. In order to win the participant has to be a new subscriber and not be part of Traficom or TRA2020 CSA-partners. The newsletter has to be ordered before 15th of January. We keep the right to choose another winner if we do not reach the original winner chosen by lottery.