TRA2020 is looking for eye-opening demos – Aalto University leads the search


TRA2020 Call for demonstrations is now in preparation. The search for demos will open at the beginning of 2019, led by Aalto University, one of the leading universities in technology and engineering in Europe. Assistant Professors of Transportation Engineering, Claudio Roncoli and Milos Mladenovic, announced Aalto University’s role at TRA2020 and shared their views on transportation and mobility in Helsinki.

The TRA2020 theme of ‘rethinking transport’ fits well with the city of Helsinki and Milos sees Helsinki as a good, natural setting for the conference. “Helsinki is seen as kind of a hub for ICT and new technology. This is the place where we start to think in a different way and see that the change is not only happening in technology or infrastructure anymore, but also in systems and services, and in the way we use these and behave.”

Claudio describes Aalto University as being one of the most important universities in Finland, where transportation and smart mobility are one of its core areas of research and education, adding, “There are several research projects and scientific activities going on, and one of our main goals is to raise the quality of the scientific outcome and attract more high-level scientific participants at TRA2020. We also want to increase the level of the scientific debate in the conference.” However, Aalto University has never been just a purely science focused university and it has always had a hands-on kind of approach to technology. “We demonstrate and build machines by testing things out,” Milos says. “Aalto University is also a key player in the Finnish innovation ecosystem, which created many start-ups and innovation companies,” Claudio adds.

Call for interactive demos opens soon

The event is expected to attract an international audience of more than 3000 participants from more than 70 countries and representing the public and private sector as well as the research community. The professors are encouraging the academia, the research institutes and industry representatives to come forward with creative and transformative demo ideas for TRA2020. They are already waiting for input and enquiries from the applicants at this point of the search. “Universities should definitely engage in TRA2020 since it is one of the biggest European conferences on transportation. TRA2020 is also a mixing event, which offers a chance for different groups to interact. There are various academic and professional community representatives who will be present,” Milos says.

For those planning on spending time in Helsinki outside the conference, Claudio and Milos have a few tips to share. “Walking around the city is a nice experience, the proximity of the nature has always been interesting to me. There are a lot of green areas,” Milos says. The professors also have an important tip when it comes to transportation in the city: “People should know that they have to wave for the bus, so it stops, which is something that not a lot of people know,” Milos explains with a laugh. “In general, public transportation is very efficient and, almost surprisingly, everything works and is on time, which is amazing!” Claudio says.

Please follow the pre-announcement at TRA2020 website to keep up to date about Aalto University’s search for demos at