Scientific and technical contributions to TRA2020 exceed all expectations

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The TRA2020 will address the global challenges in mobility. The scientific community were urged to submit works that are relevant to the conference theme “Rethinking transport”. And the researchers have certainly answered the call!

Of the more than 700 submissions, 616 will be presented in the conference both in oral and poster sessions. Out of the roughly 600 papers, about 25% dealt with non-motorised and multimodal issues, which signals that rethinking is happening indeed. Most of the papers come from Europe, but also contributions outside Europe are also present, from countries such as India, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, United States, Mexico and Qatar.

Submitted papers by author's country
Submitted papers by author’s country

Two journals are publishing special issues from the conference: European Transport Research Review and Utilities Policy, the former published by Springer and the latter by Elsevier. The journal publications have undergone a rigorous peer review and the best manuscripts were finally accepted in review process now ongoing for both journals.

Climate change tagged papers were very popular, combined with the topical tags of automation and digitalisation. Most papers still focused on road transport mode, but a fair share of the papers had rail and waterborne tagged as their primary modes of interest. Therefore, the TRA2020 conference will certainly break silos and address sustainability from many angles.

Submitted papers by topic
Submitted papers by topic

The Scientific Panel and international peer-review expert group selects the best-of-the-best papers to be published free of charge in the European Transport Research Review. The open access options will offer the authors of the best papers high visibility and scientific impact.

The attendees of TRA2020 will experience the multimodal, sustainable and innovative works of the researchers in 48 different oral sessions, each comprising five to six papers, and in about 300 posters shown at the conference. This is an opportunity not to miss for researchers, policymakers and corporate executives wishing to get updated with the latest research results, ideas and innovations in the mobility sector!

The organisers of the TRA2020 sincerely thank the contributors from the scientific and industrial community for excellent and interesting papers and are proud to have the opportunity to share the academic and industrial research results in the conference!

Pekka LeviakangasDr Pekka LeviƤkangas
Chair of the TRA Programme Committee