Slide TRA 2022 Submission Guidelines

A] Submission of abstracts (until: 2021 October 31)

Abstracts should be written in English and have 2 pages (including figures/tables and references) with a minimum of 350 words (Arial 10, single space).

Contributions should be aligned with the concept and topics of the conference. Moreover, a comprehensive set of “keywords” will help authors classify their work and help the reviewing process. The list of general themes and related sub-themes and keywords are available below.

Contributions can be of a different nature, either presenting scientific work and research results, or reporting applications and innovation experiences (best practices and case studies).

Abstracts will be reviewed and graded in a 1/5 scale (with “1” meaning the submission was “rejected”).


B] Notification of the abstracts’ reviewing results (not later than:  2022 January 15)

Authors of abstracts will be notified of the reviewing results, in the beginning of 2022.

If the abstract has been “accepted”, the work can be presented at the conference, either as a podium communication or as a poster, depending on a later decision of the reviewers, after the evaluation of the “papers” submitted for the conference proceedings.


C] Submission of the conference papers (until: 2022 March 30)

If the abstract has been “accepted”, the authors may submit a complete “conference paper”, with a maximum size of 8 pages (including figures and references), and following the proceedings specifications to be announced in due time. If the authors do not do this submission, the presentation of the work at the conference will be only guaranteed as a poster.


D] Notification of the conference papers’ reviewing results (not later than: 2022 May 15)

The authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit a final version for the Conference Proceedings (incorporating the revisions requested by the reviewers). They will also be informed if the work is going to be presented as a poster or as a podium communication. Finally, the acceptance of this decision by the authors has to be confirmed by following the specifications for the conference registration.


E] Submission of the final versions of the conference papers (until: 2022 June 15)

The final versions of the submissions will go through a fast “checking” process before they are definitively accepted for publication in the Conference Proceedings. As referred, this publication will only be confirmed if the authors follow the registration requirements.


F] Journal submissions

After having been informed on the final acceptance of the conference paper, authors may submit a “full paper” to one of the journals associated to the conference.

These journals will publish special issues for the conference. The specific format for the papers and the submission / (additional) reviewing procedures will depend on the journal and will be disclosed in due time. As usual, a paper submitted to one of these special issues will be either rejected or accepted (possibly with the need for revisions) by the journal editors.
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