Thank you to all of the 4000+attendees, 150+ exhibitors and many more for making TRA 2024 Dublin, a record-breaking success!

TRA2024 Ceremony & Awards Videos

TRA2024 Opening Ceremony

TRA2024 Closing Ceremony

TRA2024 Vision Award

Strategic Session 1.1 – From Research to Evidence based Transport Safety Strategies

Strategic Session 1.2 – Future Workforce and Skills

Sustainable Mobility of People and Goods Plenary Session

Climate and Energy Host Round Table Session

Strategic Session 2.1 – Future Urban and Suburban Mobility Services

Strategic Session 2.2 – Zero Emission Mobility, Health, and the Environment

Efficient & Resilient Systems Plenary Session

Investment & Delivery for Global Competitiveness Host Round Table Session

Strategic Session 3.1 The Resilient Transport Network

Strategic Session 3.2 Circular Economy Ecosystems for EU Transport

Strategic Session 3.4 Sustainable Alternative Fuels

Collaborative Digitalisation Plenary Session

Research & Innovation Host Round Table Session

Strategic Session 4.1 – Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility

Strategic Session 4.2 – Human Machine Interaction in a multimodal context

Strategic Session 4.3 – How to Achieve Transport Data Sharing