Waterborne expects joint effort towards zero-emission transport at TRA2020

Jaap Gebraad

WATERBORNE is one of the five European transport-related technology platforms recognised by the European Commission. WATERBORNE brings together the industry stakeholders with the EU member states, the European Commission services and stakeholders from science and society. We spoke with Jaap Gebraad, Executive Director of Waterborne, about the Transport Research Arena 2020 in Helsinki.

From your point of view, why do we need to rethink transport now?

We need radical transformation towards smart and zero emission transport to be able to contribute to climate-related objectives and increase safety, taking into account the climate policies at national, European and international level. Protests by citizens demand climate actions. What is more, the climate policies and increased awareness of citizens might lead to new transport patterns, new ways of mobility, and new forms of transport.

Who should attend TRA2020 and why?

It is essential that besides the research community, both industry and policy makers join TRA2020 to find the way forward regarding our common challenges. In addition, TRA 2020 should attract the general public and more specifically young people, the citizens of tomorrow.

What do you expect from TRA 2020?

I expect that in TRA2020, all modes of transport will clearly express the need to move towards zero-emission mobility. I anticipate discussions on how to achieve this, and how co-operation between transport modes as well as cross-sectoral co-operation could be established regarding the climate related challenges. The debate should not focus too much on the co-financing of research by European institutions, but on how the various modes of transport will reach the ultimate goal of zero emissions. Developments in the area of connected and automated shipping will probably also be considered during the conference.


Explore the maritime industry on TRA2020 technical tours

At TRA2020, you will have a chance to get to know some of the leading maritime industry players by participating in technical tours. Meyer Turku and other marine technology companies from Turku region invite TRA2020 participants to visit a shipyard and the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Turku, whereas Aker Arctic Technology and ABB Marine and Ports host a visit to their facilities in Helsinki. You can enrol to these technical excursions when registering for the TRA2020 conference.

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