Why should you attend TRA2020?

Why should you attend

TRA2020 offers unique opportunities to both business, research and public sector representatives as well as to International Implementation Funding organisations. Check out what TRA has to offer to you!

For industry and business representatives, TRA2020 provides an opportunity to meet potential clients, build partnerships, discuss with funding organisations and authorities, and benchmark the most innovative developments in transport and mobility. They will also get to showcase their offerings, engage with leading actors in the field and find investors.

Research and academia representatives attending TRA2020 get to explore trends and developments, share knowledge, discover funding opportunities and strengthen the cooperation between research institutes.

For public sector organisations, TRA2020 provides an opportunity to discover best practices and new approaches for ecosystem growth and inter-governmental co-operation as well as meet actors operating in the public–private interface.

International Implementation Funding organisations are encouraged to attend to get an up-to-date overview of the fast-developing field of transport and mobility as well as an access to innovations with growth potential.